Trevs Panic Fixer

Trevs Panic Fixer

How to end panic attacks before they even begin

Have you ever wondered what causes panic attacks?

If you’ve had to go through this terrifying experience you’ll be very interested in this.

You see, anxiety attacks are not caused by mental illness. They don’t happen because you’re going crazy or losing your mind. Or because you’re weak or there’s something wrong with you.

The truth is far simpler.

But what you first have to understand is that the biggest lie about panic attacks is that it’s “All In your head”.

Most people think these attacks are something you can just get over with positive thinking.

But the reality is that no amount of talking about it will make them go away.

And that’s because the root cause of anxiety attacks is buried deep within your brain. In an ancient part of your subconscious that scientists call the “Lizard Brain”. This is a part of your brain which contains primitive survival instincts passed down over millions of years of evolution.

These instincts include the “Flight or fight” response.

And what most people don’t realize is that this response is automatic.

This is so when you can react without even thinking in the event of danger.

But that’s the problem.

Because it’s so primitive, this part of your brain doesn’t respond to psychology and even strong medication. And because it’s automatic you have no control over it.

But what this also means is that panic attacks are not your fault.

(In that way they’re a lot like the hiccups, so you can stop feeling guilty.)

There is hope though, because you can learn to control your panic attacks and get back to normal very quickly.

This secret has been used in Ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Not only that it’s also known to Buddhist monks and Indian Yogis.

I’m talking about the powerful mind-body connection that comes with practicing insight, meditation and yoga.

Anyone who has practiced Yoga will know about this amazing phenomena.

And it’s this same mind-body connection that you can use to end the embarrassment of panic attack in as little as 3 weeks.

The women who discovered this was once plagued by panic and anxiety attacks.

It all started when she was working in a bank and started feeling nervous during a meeting.

And before she knew it her heart was hammering and she had collapsed in sheer terror.

They rushed her to the hospital, but after examining her and finding she was not having a heart attack, the Doctors sent her home with a prescription and an order to “Rest”

She tried taking the drugs but they turned her into an emotionless zombie.

And soon it got so back she was forced to quit work.

But after this she had a lot of time of her hands and began to think about her situation.

She wanted to know why she was having these attacks and why the Doctors couldn’t help.

That’s how she discovered the lizard brain and it’s flight or fight response.

And after a little trial error experimentation she came up with something she calls “Neuro-activation therapy”

She says it cured her of panic attacks forever, and it’s now been 19 years since her last one.

She says anyone (Even children) can use her method.

Watch the explainer video here and learn about her 60 second solution for panic attacks.

This could change your life you just have to be willing to use it.

Remember, most people – especially doctors – have no idea what causes panic attacks.

But if you’d like to learn the truth about this condition, plus what it’s caused by and how to end it here’s where you need to go for the 60 second panic solution.

Trevs Panic Fixer

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